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Recommendations from homeowners

  • I have known and depended on Scott for more than Twenty years. He enabled me to restore my cottage and I know that when I call him I can trust that he will always get back to me quickly, give me an honest assessment of my issue or project, and see that it is done well and within my budget.  -- Debbie Williams
  • My family has used Scott Connors for two decades for all of our maintenance, repairs and new construction projects. He worked for my parents right up until they were elderly. He always went the extra mile to help them out with the many small issues that most people in business do not want to take the time to address. My mom would sometimes pay him twice, (as elderly people tend to do) and he would always return her overpayment checks promptly and kindly....never making her feel as if she had made a mistake. He is a person of incredible character and honesty. He is also the "Go To" man for anything that you need taken care of. If it is something that he doesn't do himself, he always takes the time to find someone else who can perform the job well for you. I would highly recommend Scott for ANY homeowner project. In fact, I have always shared his name with anyone that I know, who is looking for a reliable, honest and talented person for a project. He can do it all and he does it better than anyone else.   -- Dana and Ellen Grant

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Scott Connors, Owner

All photographs used with homeowner's consent.  All homes pictured are current customers.. 

Scott Connors

January 2014


We understand how important your home away from home is to you.

Nothing compares to the knowledge that your home will be well cared for when you are "away".  At Connors Home Caretakers, we take pride in providing the best in caretaking services the region has to offer.  We listen to your particular needs and concerns and make sure things are done "your way".  Our testimonials below are from customers who know our level of care and quality in our workmanship.  We want to make sure your dream home will continue to be a dream come true.  Whether it's preparing for winter or your arrival in the Spring, we are ready to serve with unparalleled excellence and care for your property. 

I have known Scott for 25 years and he is simply the best builder and caretaker in Maine that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is honest, fair, smart, and shows up when he says he will be there. I cannot speak highly enough of his integrity, his workmanship, and his character.

   -- Marianne Williams